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Trailer Tents
Compact, easy travel
to spacious comfort in minutes
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Rooftop tents
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Rooftop tent mounted to pickup bed
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Slide-in Deefa and Pup tent
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Flatbed slide-on Deefa and Pup tent

Roof Top Tents ~ Trailer & Truck Tents ~ Deefa Tent Campers

Developed in Australia - now Made in America

If you love the outdoors and enjoy the freedom of camping, but can do without the usual hassles of tent camping… and  would really like a tent that was quick and easy to put up… and  would enjoy more elbow and headroom… and would love more sleeping comfort, then 3 Dog Camping has the perfect solution for you.

Our Roof Top Tents, Truck Tents, Trailer Tents & Tent Campers
are easily set up in just a couple of minutes.

Simply pull the top of the tent towards you & the tent unpacks by itself
- already set up & your bed’s already made!

Tighten two roof poles, attach two corner poles and it’s finished – no effort at all!

 Check out this video to see just how easy it really is!

Then there’s the really comfy queen size bed with a 6″ memory foam mattress just waiting for you to get into, and a living room with a lofty ceiling and huge windows… just relax and enjoy the view.

But there’s more… our tents are Custom Made to fit your vehicle – not just “one size fits some”.  Made with the best superior quality canvas for all types of weather, our tents keep you warm, dry & cool as needed with terrific ventilation and no condensation.  Two doors for easy access and cross-ventilation… and to add to the panoramic views.  Top of the line mesh screens keep out all the bugs.  Access to your gear in the vehicle without leaving the tent.  Best of all, the tents and campers are designed to grow with your needs… get it all up front, or start with a base tent or camper and add as you need to.

Whether you’re touring National Parks, camping on a beach or by a lake, or on an off-road expedition in remote desert canyons or up in the cool mountains, 3 Dog Camping has the best Roof Top Tents, Truck & Trailer Tents and Tent Campers available for your individual style of camping.  Weekend getaways or lengthy expeditions; sight-seeing or exploring; ATVing, biking or hunting.  This is your  camping adventure… you  decide what you need, we can make it happen!

 Watch the video to find out more about our tents and campers

3 Dog Camping has been crafting Roof Top, Trailer Tents and Tent Campers in Australia for 25 years.  With more than 30 years of industry experience, they have pioneered the design concepts and perfected the ultimate Roof Top Tents, Trailer Tents and Tent Campers to give you the best outdoor camping experience possible.  Simplicity, quality and longevity have always been primary goals and they have excelled in all three.  Built for the Australian outback, their Tents and Campers have been proven in all weather conditions, both on and off-road.   3 Dog Camping has become the tried and true name you can trust in camping throughout Australia and New Zealand and more recently in Europe and now here in the United States.

3 Dog Camping USA is the North American Distributor and Manufacturer for Australia’s leading Roof Top Tents and Trailer Tents.  We have spent time in Australia learning the 3 Dog specialized manufacturing techniques directly from the masters who have shared both their knowledge and experience with us and we are now manufacturing the tents in America to the same high standards as 3 Dog Camping in Australia.

Find the tent and/or camper that best suites your camping adventure:

Roof Top Tents   ~   Trailer & Truck Tents  ~   Tent Trailers   ~   Deefa Tent Campers


Photos and Videos may show Tents, Trailers & Campers with Custom Features
not included in Standard Options or Upgrades, or that are no longer available.  
If you have any questions about the available Standard or Custom Features & Options, please don't hesitate to contact us.